My work explores where line and form merge, how calm and calamity can exist within the same zone.

Color verges on sweet, can turn dissonant.

Topographies sit alongside one another. Imaginary landscapes slip, stand up, and slide.

Oftentimes a destination feels so far off it is impossible to conceive of it as something complete. In acknowledging this there is an effort to go towards an articulated moment, ’an image’. And when this arrives there is rest. Though this is something often short-lived, relinquished as another aspect or dynamic threads a new link.

As such, the paintings resist any one fixed point or form. They refute a closed space of a determined singular reading. Instead the eye and mind travel acknowledging what appears readily on top, poised to then dive, ascent to the moments of flow, run into estuaries of possible meaning -to inform ’what we see.’