Devin Rutz was born in Carson City, Nevada and raised in northern California’s Central Valley. Rutz attended The Oxbow School, a boarding school for fine arts, made possible by a generous grant from the bay area philanthropist, Phyllis Wattis. Recruited to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, Rutz earned his BFA and Masters degrees in architecture.

Working at several award winning architecture studios in California and New York, Rutz ultimately decided to leave architecture to focus on his art.  Architecture still influences Rutz’s work. The idea of Utopia, being the “good place” and the “place that is not” is a recurring theme in his work. This is evident in his machine made vs. nature made approach. Often using construction materials juxtaposed with natural materials Rutz breaks down the concept of order to reflect the inherent contradictory nature of existence. Rutz has exhibited work in New York and California.